Book Review: City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare’s novel, “City of Bones,” is a young adult novel that focuses on 15-year-old Clary, whose world starts to unravel when she discovers she can suddenly see supernatural beings that live among the mundanes like her in New York City. On the heels of this startling discovery, Clary’s mom goes missing, and she has to embrace her new acquaintances, the Shadow Hunters (demon hunters), in order to survive.

The novel, the first of three “Moral Instruments” tales, has been criticized for its clumsy expositon about the Shadow World. The story reads so easily and quickly, though, that an entertained reader would probably be willing to forgive the interruptions. The characters’ witty dialogue and the author’s imaginative descriptions of the Shadow World versions of our own transportation, accomodations and government keep the reader moving along event when the plot drags a little.

The characters are interesting, if not extremely deep or three-dimensional, and the writer manages to provides some surprises along the way, one of which turns out to be extremely awkward. Overall, it provides several hours of fun involvement in a fantasy world that’s not too hard on the head or the heart.


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